Pooty Pet®

The Problem:
Every dog owner knows the dilemma- you're out walking your dog when they squat down and drop a little present on the ground. You spring into action! You reach into your pocket and pull out a roll of disposable dog waste bags- but what if there was a better way?

The Solution:
Pooty Pet has reinvented the dog waste bag holders! With waste bag holders that are perfect for any dog owner! We have 5 unique bag holders that look just like the pups we all know and love! Maybe your spirited German Shepherd needs a walking companion that's just as strong as they are? Check out Amber- our very own German Shepherd Pooty Pet! Maybe your little Corgi wants a friend as adorable as they are? Check out Winston- our very own Corgi Pooty Pet! Take a look at all our designs to find the best sidekick for your pet!

Pooty Pet has developed the cutest, most durable, and unique way to carry those essential dog waste bags. Each design is charming, of course, but more importantly is it's functionality. Our signature tongue dispenser allows you to easily pull out one bag at a time, while the zipper enclosure makes refilling a breeze! Each Pooty Pet comes ready to clip onto nearly any leash or collar so you'll always have them when you need them. Worried about running out of bags on a particularly long walk or maybe a hiking trip? Worry no more! Pooty Pets are designed to hold two rolls of bags so you don't run out when nature calls! No matter where you go, hiking a mountain, a jog through your favorite park, or a walk around the block, Pooty Pet has you covered!

As pet owners ourselves, we know how important it is to make sure that everything we buy for our pets can handle whatever life- or our pets- throw at them. That's why we created our Pooty Pets with a soft yet durable fabric. Lightweight and a great accessory to any leash, the reinforced stitching of the Pooty Pet is an essential part of our long-lasting design. No matter what your pup gets into, you'll know that Pooty Pet will be along for the ride.

Pooty Pet is here to bring style to dog waste bag dispensers. Whether your pup needs a Pooty Pal or you need a gift for that dog lover in your life, Pooty Pet is here for you! Check out all our Pooty Pet styles here and don't forget to stop in again as we add new designs!"